scale model of gallery, image 3 of 4
mobile phone image transferred to 35mm slide

scale model of house, image 1 of 6
mobile phone image transferred to 35mm slide

Hanover Project

05.03.-25.03.2014 Weekdays 10-5 Preview 04.03. 5-7
Hanover Building, Bhailok Street, UCLan, Preston, PR1 2HE

The installation consists of a series of viewing boxes dispersed throughout the gallery. Peering into them, we find two sets of images. The first walks us round a detailed scale model of the exhibition space, but mirrored in such a way that we look back at the very place in which we are standing. The closer we try to get to our privileged position, the further away it moves in the images. The second set takes us from the light and airy gallery to the dimly lit narrow corridor of a house. The scenes are unsettling, with signs of forced entry at one end, and a peculiar lump under the carpet blocking the doorway at the other. Spending a little time with the images it becomes apparent that certain spatial relations can be seen not only within but also between the sets of images, and key features cross the boundaries between the two.

Thanks to UCLan and Koneen Säätiö for their support.